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your child is unique, so is the treatment they receive ...

Children are a fine balance of spirit, mental, emotional and physical energy. When one of these four cornerstones has been knocked one part cries out for help to put the balance of the foundation right.

How often have you said “little one, you aren't yourself today” only to see that the next day they need to be off school or games? An imbalance of energy is easier to right than an illness. In the first seven years of life one can make a huge impact on the strength of your child by addressing their energetic imbalances.

The purpose of the Kids Holistic Clinic is to address imbalances in children's energy, health and wellbeing giving them a firm foundation from which to grow and thrive.

conditions & imbalances

From infants to teens, addressing imbalances helps to resolve or ease conditions such as acne, asthma, autism, ADD, anxiety, anorexia and bulimia, bed wetting, chronic fatigue, colic, colds, concentration issues, constipation, coughs, cystitis, depression, diarrhoea, eczema, fevers, glue ear, gynae-menstrual issues, late menses, hay fever, hyperactivity, mood swings, mumps, nappy rash, other rashes, sleep disturbance , stress, tonsillitis, tummy pain, vomiting and a weak immune system.

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as children grow

They pass through the various stages or transitions, which happen around 7, 14 and 21 years of age their response to illness and recovery differs. As infants and toddlers, children “are” their emotions. Happiness or anger is all consuming and if exhausted, they will simply stop and flop wherever they are. The big change occurs around the age of seven, when they become aware of emotions and notice that happiness or anger is something different from themselves. As their emotional changes take place, so does their illness, becoming a physical and an emotional imbalance. A child who is restless, irritable and fidgety before the seven-year transition may then become less able to control their behaviour. Rather than vent their feelings they may suppress them and try to sit still, which could give rise to emotional constraint that they may then carry on through life. Or, a child who suffers from recurring ear infections or glue ear (a heat imbalance) prior to the seven-year transition may also express the frustration of impaired hearing, learning and communication by similar behaviour. With these examples it is clear that every treatment must be as unique as the child and not just treat their symptoms.

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about the treatments, what to expect

A comprehensive child's health questionnaire must be filled out just before or in advance of the initial consultation so please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment in order to complete this.

Each session will involve an acupuncture treatment and an introduction to and follow on food energetics and lifestyle advice.

The first consultation, including treatment time, is 45 minutes with subsequent followup appointments of 30 minutes, despite the entire acupuncture treatment only taking 2-3 minutes for children under 7. Treatment may also include baby massage with take home instruction, moxibustion (heat treatment) or cupping which are gentle small cups used for chest infections, to reduce heat or ease stagnation. Low level light therapy may also be an option for those sensitive to the use of needles.

Herbal medicine may be offered and prescribed in the form of a tea using dried herbal granules, tablets, compressed herbs with no additives, or capsules, which may be crushed or opened and put in drinks, skin creams, poultices or tinctures which are liquid extracts of plants. In the case of breast fed babies, the mother will take the prescription. All products are produced with approved good manufacturing methods(GMP) which are closely regulated. A herbal prescription may be included in the acupuncture treatment but is a separate charge.

paediatric method acupuncture options

Acupuncture point needling...

Paediatric acupuncture is very different to adult acupuncture. The needles are much smaller, they are gently and quickly inserted and taken out straight after. It feels like a tiny pin prick sensation. They are not retained making the entire treatment only 1-2 min in total for under 7 years of age. Only 4-6 needles are selected for the treatment. The needles are single use only, made of stainless steel, very fine and sterile. At the first acupuncture session some children have a little cry as it is a bit of a surprise but the rapid removal of the tiny needle soon settles them. Children, age dependant, have the choice of sitting on their parent's lap and then they can pick their own "I've been brave" "phew, that wasn't so bad" stickers after their session.

Acupuncture point stimulation (no needles)...

For children who may be apprehensive about needles, have skin sensitivity or open skin as in the case of eczema point stimulation is also available which is done with a small hand held paediatric low level light therapy laser. It is used on a small number of points for 10-20 seconds per point location. This has no sensation.

Acupuncture point moxa (no needles)...

Moxibustion this is a gentle, calming and warming treatment which uses heat next to the skin instead of using a needle. The herb artemisia (mugwort) is rolled into a dense cigar shape , lit and brought close to the skin above the area of the acupuncture point using warmth to effect the acupunture point. It is a comforting treatment for children who suffer from being cold, have stomach cramps or colic.

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